As of November 5, 2023, SDG Guitars will no longer be accepting NEW work or clientele.
I have recently accepted a full-time position at Hilltop Christian Camp in Brown County. It’s been a wonderful ride folks! Back in January of 1993 I had a dream of becoming a luthier while attending the Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair, in Big Rapids, Michigan. My young 23-year-old self had no idea then how this would be accomplished or if it was even possible. I worked hard under the tutelage of Bryan Galloup for 3 months, soaking up every bit of advice concerning guitar building and repair that he had to offer. Then I struck out on my own with something like stars in my eyes. All excitement and no experience! Bryan had given me the tools to further expand my knowledge of instruments and more importantly the confidence to go it alone. His best advice…. “It isn’t brain surgery; just think things through and if you can fix your mistakes, you’ll do fine”.

Fast forward 31 years. Since being at Galloup’s, I’ve graduated college, started a custom cabinet shop, gotten married to the love of my life, had 2 wonderful boys, created an amplifier company and gone from part-time luthier work to full-time. The last almost 11 years of guitar repair and building have truly been some of the best years so far. Much of that has to do with you all. I’ve had the best clientele someone in my field could ask for. You’ve been encouraging, patient, and thankful. And many of you have moved from the client phase to friend. That’s been the best part of my job, by far. Cicero once said that “Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys and dividing our grief”.

I’ve worked on your instruments, but more importantly many of you have shared your time with me. Sitting in the cabinet shop talking about our families, jobs, futures, and pasts. There’s been a lot of laughter and some tears as well. You’ve all made my life better, and I pray that in some small measure I’ve done the same for you. With all of that said, if you need me, I’ll still be around, but guitar repair will definitely be a side hustle. Keep my number and if you don’t mind a little excursion to beautiful Brown County, Indiana, and being really patient I’ll get your guitar back in shape.

May God bless you all!
Scott Campbell – SDC Guitars

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