Tune Up

This is our most popular service, and is ideal for returning your guitar to squeaky-clean condition. This package includes the following services:

String removal and replacement
Clean and polish the instrument, lubricate fingerboard
Clean and polish the frets
Check and adjust the action, intonation, nut height, truss rod
Balance Tremolo tension (if applicable)
Make the guitar stage ready

Acoustic – Steel String $45
Acoustic – Nylon String $50
Acoustic – 12 String $55
Electric – Hard Tail $50
Electric – Tremolo $60
Electric – Floyd Rose Tremolo $80
Bass Guitar – 4 / 5 / 6 string $45 / $50 / $55
Mandolin, uke, Dulcimer $55+
Nut & Saddle

We pride ourselves on our precision nut and saddle work, your guitar will look and feel better than ever with a properly installed nut or saddle made from genuine bone. We cut each part by hand and calibrate it to your specific instrument.

Price includes materials

Bone Tusq TusqXL or Black
Acoustic or Electric 6-String $75 $77 $79
Acoustic – 12 String $90 $102 $105
Mandolin style, angled bottom $80 $92 $94
Saddle $60 $72 $74
Split Saddle $80 $92 $94
Intonate Existing Saddle $50
Bridge & Top Repair

Acoustic guitars can be very sensitive to climate and time; let us restore your guitar and get you back to what you do best: playing.


Other Services Available:  re-glue braces, handmade bridges, re-topping

Acoustic bridge removal and re-glue $100
Bridge plate replacement $150
Fill and re-cut saddle slot Hourly
Crack repair Hourly
Headstock Repair

Sometimes accidents can happen and your guitar may suffer a blow to the headstock. All is not lost, trust us to repair your baby and get it back to you in no time at all.

Headstock repair prices will be quoted on a case-by-case basis, as each repair is unique. Prices will range from $65 to $400 depending on the severity of the damage. We can quote several levels of repair depending on the amount of cosmetic touch-up requested.

Direct swap of tuners (no reaming) $30
Drill and fill tuner holes $80 – $120
Frets & Fingerboard

Possibly the most important part of the guitar to a player, the quality of the frets and the feel of the fingerboard are critical to how a guitar plays. Our re-fret services include the level, crown and dress of the fret wire to make it look better than new. Our fret work is the best that can be done by human hands; let us tell you about it. Refrets include nickel silver fretwire. For Evo or stainless steel please inquire.

Level, crown & dress $140 + Setup
Re-fret – Rosewood or ebony, unbound $15/fret + Setup
Re-fret – Rosewood or ebony, bound $18/fret + Setup
Re-fret – Maple fingerboard Inquire

Do you have a gremlin in that guitar? From a simple noisy potentiometer to a complete overhaul, we can fix any problem you may have with your pickup system or preamp.

Electronics diagnostic fee $35 Bench Fee
Replace pots $30 for one, $10 each additional
Replace blade switch $45
Replace 3-way switch $40
Install push-pull pot $40
Acoustic output jack $40
Electric output jack $15 – $65
Acoustic saddle pickup $65
Acoustic blender system $85
Acoustic external controls Inquire
Strat-style pickup replacement (3) $75 – $90
PRS/LP style pickup replacement (2) $80
Tele-style pickup replacement (2) $80
P bass pickup replacement $80
Jimmy Page wiring modification (LP) $180
*Wiring Modifications* Hourly @ $60/hr
Luthier Services

SDC Guitars is ready and willing to take on your most challenging repair problems. To assure that you are getting the most for your money, we prefer to bill these services at an hourly rate. Please bring your instrument by for a free estimate, we will be happy to talk you through the process.

Our Standard Bench Rate is $60/hour

Crack Repair
Finishing and Re-finishing
Catastrophic Damage Repair
Custom Inlay
Finish Restoration
Custom Electronics
Fingerboard Re-contouring or Replacement
Unique Instrument Fabrication

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